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Along the River Road

Few thoroughfares in America are as rich in history and culture as Louisiana’s River Road between New Orleans and Baton Rouge. Yet for many travelers and even natives, traces of that rich past, veiled by time and change, are frustratingly difficult to discern. In this revised and expanded edition of her definitive guide to the fabled route, Mary Ann Sternberg provides up-to-date information on sites and attractions along the river as well as the tales and local lore that still make the River Road one of the most colorful destinations around.
The River Road—actually two roads, one on each side of the Mississippi River—is the product of more than three hundred years of documented history and culture. The centerpiece of the book is a mile-by-mile guided tour—upriver on the east bank and downriver along the west—that details the past of scores of overlooked venues. The River Road’s allure goes far beyond its parade of antebellum mansions to reveal a wondrous past and present awaiting discovery with this book in hand.


"Visitors who plan to spend more than a few hours exploring the River Road should consider finding Along the River Road by Mary Ann Sternberg.
-- Lonely Planet Guide to Louisiana and the Deep South

"Along the River Road is like the very best Baedeker: an informative tour guide for traveling days and a delightful companion for evening armchair exploration."
--Shirley Ann Grau

"Along the River Road is an excellent traveling companion for the journey, full of facts, folklore, great stories, and directions for finding lost sites in this enchanting region."
-- Arkansas Review

"Those seeking to visit and to understand this unique region should read this volume."
-- Gulf South Historical Review
"Written in an elegant style and copiously illustrated, (this)is a valuable addition to the lore of the Mississippi River."
-- Louisiana History

"Mary Ann Sternberg’s Along the River Road is not only the best River Road guide every done on the Baton Rouge to New Orleans stretch of the Mississippi but the best you can imagine."
-- Louisiana Life Magazine

Along the River Road won a Certificate of Commendation from the American Association for State and Local History

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