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Fifteen stories about unique and delightful attractions--not the usual--along the River Road.



A second collection by the River Road Rambler (me!) consisting of fourteen new stories about unique and underappreciated places along Louisiana's historic byway including:

grinding season at the last sugar mill along the River Road; a Civil War fort that is almost forgotten; the 1909 Plaquemine lock and lockhouse that were nearly destroyed; how a petrochemical company rescued and restored an iconic River Road plantation house after a century of dereliction by the family that owned it; why a 1790s Creole plantation house needed to be moved and returned to its glory; life aboard a towboat pushing forty barges down the Mississippi River; and much more. 


Available through LSU Press.



The Forgotten History and Present-Day Peril of Bayou Manchac.

"...a fascinating, nicely-turned story and important addition about Louisiana's largely underappreciated (waterway) and its indispensable place in the history and fabric of the state."




Three editions of the best overview and guide to the historic corridor; the most up-to-date published in 2013.



Country Roads Magazine

Museums Along the Mississippi River: "New Orleans and Baton Rouge—the anchor cities of the River Road, an approximately one hundred mile section in South Louisiana of the Great River Road National Scenic Byway—are well known for their assortment of excellent museums. ... But in fact, wonderful museums exist along the River Road, tucked in along the bends on both banks of the Mississippi River between New Orleans and Baton Rouge."

BRAF: The Story of the Old Municipal Dock

"It's the "new" old municipal dock, one of the best places around to appreciate the river, our history on the Big Muddy, and the power of re-imagining."

BRAF: The Story of the Old Municipal Dock

Forbes.com: Senior Housing Needs To Serve Residents Better

Senior Housing Needs To Serve Residents Better: When the pandemic began, the author's longtime friend was isolated in assisted living with no social, emotional or mental stimulations. We can do this better!

NewYorker.com: Louisiana's Swamp-Rat Dog Treat

Nutria are helping devastate the marsh; bounties on their tails help control their population. But what can be done with the rest of the animal? A small Louisiana company takes a stab at it.

Vassar Quarterly: They Still Live On

They Still Live On: Writing the obituaries of classmates for a reunion publication was a challenge...and a moving experience in which the author (me) learns about the humanity of women she didn't know well...or at all.

Preservation Magazine:  Sustaining Evergreen 

Evergreen Plantation-- the only intact working antebellum sugar plantation in the South, and one of the few plantation properties to retain its original outbuildings, including the largest collection of slave dwellings just where they've always been. Evergreen also has developed an interpretive center that binds the history of the plantation with its people, illuminating the lives of all those who ever lived at Evergreen—black and white, enslaved and free.

It's a place with a remarkable story that I was happy to tell.

The Advocate: River Road is complex treasure of culture, history (1.68 MB)

Guest Commentary Op-Ed for The Advocate, Baton Rouge.

Dallas Morning News: Walk among the vines with a winegrower in Provence (302 KB)

Exploring Terra Ventoux in Provence, France. From the Dallas Morning News, 2011.

BRAF: The venerable scientist (278 KB)

Delivering a new means to fight cancer in his 80s, William Hansel seeks new discoveries in his ninth decade. From the Baton Rouge Area Foundation Quarterly Magazine, Q4, 2009.

The Advocate: Vietnam cooking class keeps students on a roll (381 KB)

From the Baton Rouge Advocate.