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Freelance writer and nonfiction author

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Juvenile fiction
A new children's book set in the Louisiana wetlands about a little boy and his near-sighted retriever
Evergreen Plantation on the Mississippi River in Louisiana is an intact plantation, including its 22 original slave cabins, sugar fields and a new interpretative center that tells the stories of everyone who lived here. Preservation Magazine cover story. magazine/2013/summer/sustaining-evergreen.html#.UzXzFGdOW70
The River Road along the Mississippi is the product of more than three hundred years of documented history and culture. But it takes help to explore and appreciate it.
What others have said: "Readers should probably consider purchasing two for the library, the other for the automobile glovebox...(it's) bound to inspire several rambles and one would be well advised to take it along as a fellow traveler." Thomas Uskali, review in Louisiana Cultural Vistas, Winter 2013. "(Mary Ann Sternberg) finds new information along this old, romantic road." Rheta Grimsley Johnson (Poor Man's Provence) "I picture visitors to (my) house seeing it on the bedside table, reading a story or two and the following day asking for a road map." Oliver A Houck (Down on the Batture)
Nutria are helping devastate the marsh; bounties on their tails help control their population. But what can be done with the rest of the animal? A small Louisiana company takes a stab at it.

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February 11, 2016

PROFESSION: Freelance writer; nonfiction author; public relations
Books: RIVER ROAD RAMBLER: A Curious Traveler along Louisiana's Historic Byway (LSU Press, 2013)
ALONG THE RIVER ROAD, (LSU Press, editions 1996; 2001;2013)
THE PELICAN GUIDE TO LOUISIANA, a tour guide to the state. (Pelican Publishing Co., editions1 989 and 1993)
Intro/history--Monograph: The Native Flora of Louisiana, LSU Press, Baton Rouge. 1992.
GILLY & BLOO--children's book. Self-published with
artist Elma Sue McCallum, 2016.
THE SOUTHERN BRIDE'S NOTEBOOK. (Maison Blanche Department stores. Editions l982 and l985.)
Editorial consultant: BARTRAM HERITAGE, by the Bartram Trail Conference; THE HISTORY OF CAMP MOORE, by Powell A. Casey

Literary: A Pink Suitcase: 22 Tales of Women's Travels; Perique (Historic New Orleans Collection); Southern Cultures, Winter 2009;

Magazines: AARP Magazine;; Preservation;Vassar Quarterly; Montana Magazine; Cultural Vistas; New Orleans Magazine; Home &; Kiwanis Magazine; Saveur; Reform Judaism; Moment; Tactics, the Public Relations Journal; AAA Car & Travel; Smithsonian; Travel & Leisure; Historic Preservation; Americana; Southern Accents; Walking Magazine; Louisiana Life; Art Spectrum; Louisiana Conservationist

Newspapers: The Forward and; Dallas Morning NewsóSunday Magazine cover; Dallas Morning News-travel; Among Us: Stories from the Community (series in the Baton Rouge Advocate); The Times Picayune; Orlando Sentinel; New York Times travel section; Baton Rouge Morning Advocate/State Times; Shreveport Times; Country Roads.

Other: Rotary report on Literacy

WORK EXPERIENCE: 1996 to present: LSU School of Mass Communication, Baton Rouge. Internship coordinator (part time); Special projects.
Spring, 2003: Adjunct faculty, teaching feature writing, LSU School of Mass Communication.
July, 2002; October, 2003: instructor in feature writing, 1 week classóCaucasus School of Journalism and Media Management, Tbilisi, Republic of Georgia.
1988-1992: (more…)

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