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Gilly and Bloo

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A second collection by the River Road Rambler (me!) consisting of fourteen new stories about unique and underappreciated places along Louisiana's historic byway including:

grinding season at the last sugar mill along the River Road; a Civil War fort that is almost forgotten; the 1909  Plaquemine lock and lockhouse that were nearly destroyed; how a petrochemical company rescued and restored an iconic River Road plantation house after a century of dereliction by the family that owned it; why a 1790s Creole plantation house needed to be moved and returned to its glory; life aboard a towboat pushing forty barges down the Mississippi River; and much more. 





Winding through Time

The Forgotten History and Present-Day Peril of Bayou Manchac.







Along The River Road

Three editions of the best overview and guide to the historic corridor; the most up-to-date published in 2013.







They Still Live On...

Writing the obituaries of classmates for a reunion publication was a challenge...and a moving experience in which the author (me) learns about the humanity of women she didn't know well...or at all.

Preservation Magazine - Sustaining Evergreen


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